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state from the united states like florida had very little public shootings are the last couple of decades. texas, too, but if i picked one state and looked at what was happening, i assume your response would be what about the other states? are there other similar states that have the same types of laws like florida? he would want me to make a comparison. -- you would want me to make a comparison. europe has about the same rate of multiple victim shootings as the united states. it is not just the norway attack that you had in 2011 but before a new town, the country with the , the countrynewton with tehe two worst public school shootings in the world was germany. europe had had the three worst public schools shootings. germinate, it takes one year to
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get a bolt-action rifle. you have to go under two psychological screening tests. bill landes at the university of chicago -- the reason so much empirical work is being done here, it is easy to compare the 50 states. we have similar types of laws, we have data that is compatible across the state, you have different states that changed their laws at different times a you can have a lot of different tests. bill and i have looked at things like assault weapons bans because different states have different ones, background checks, waiting periods, there were 13 different kinds of laws were looking at and the only one we found that reduce multiple beckham public shootings was the le victim public shootings was the
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passage of the right to carry laws. when that passed, there was a 60% drop in these incidents and 80% drop at the rate which people were killed or injured. these events over when the youth took place in the areas where guns were -- these events took place in areas where guns were banned. every single one has taken place where guns are bad. -- banned. it is not just true in the united states but in australia, new zealand, and it is true in host: wisconsin, independent line, good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. the point you made earlier -- i am 60 years old and i have been around guns all my adult life. my father preferred semi automatic weapons. i know the difference between what you were talking about. none of the guns he ever owned would accept higher capacity clips. that is the difference. you can get a lot of shots of --
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those are fast change clips, the ones that are in the assault- type weapons. anyway, that is the difference. the correlation between all the mass shootings -- the higher capacity clips are involved. getting away from that, i think a lot -- most of the gun violence is with handguns and it is related to poverty. it is related to where high crime areas -- the stuff that is rarely publicized are the mass shootings and as tragic as they are, the rest of the gun violence gets to be so routine, they don't say anything about it anymore. guest: the caller brings up useful points there --
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how murders are distributed -- i don't think they are a lot related to poverty. i think they are related to drug gangs. if you look across the united states, 78% of the counties of united states have zero murders in any given year. 3% of the county's account for almost 75% of the murders. you live in washington, d.c. and once a year, "the washington post" put out a graphic that shows the distribution of murders and they are not evenly spread out. they are heavily concentrated within a few areas within the city. that is pretty much true in all the major cities where you see this disproportionate number of murders. unfortunately, we have a very concentrated drug gang problem. they fight against each other in order to control drug turf. the highest murder rate in the united states was 1932 which was last year a prohibition where you had mob's fighting against each other to control the distribution of alcohol. it is not like of one gang comes on to your turf, you call the
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police. you set up your own military to protect that. on the issue of magazines -- before i go on -- it is not an easy issue. you go and liberalize drug rules and more drug use and there will be problems but you will see less gang violence there is no nirvana there. people have to judge what kind of trade-off they want to make. i think you would see reductions in murders but more drug use. as far as the magazines -- one thing you have to understand -- the magazines are identical essentially across these different types of guns. the problem with regulating magazines is that they are a metal box with a spring at the
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bottom. they are very simple. they are the simplest part of the gun and to go and think you will somehow stop criminals or others from making magazines that they can use, if you allow semiautomatics to accept a magazine, it can accept one of any size. if you ban them, when we tried banning magazines from 1994- 2004, that was part of the assault weapons ban, nobody found a benefit from that. you're just not going to stop criminals from getting access. host:if assault weapons ban is not a good idea, then why the increase in mass shootings since the ban was lifted? guest: i don't think that's the case.
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a study that many people are citing as evidence for that. professor alan fox said northeastern university and there has been a guy beendwayne used to be at auburn who had a book that came out on mass shootings, an excellent book. both those academics have studied over a long period of time and they claim -- and i've studied and i have done work with bill landes - and i don't think they see this long-term change. dwayne argues that the highest rate of mass shootings was in 1929. the growth the last few decades have been fairly fast and constant. host: columbus, ohio, democrats line, hello. caller: to listen to this man talk is breaking my heart. he talks about people being shot because of drug buying. those are still people and i think rather tent -- rather than to evaluate some people psychologically, we need to evaluate ourselves as a country.
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there is something wrong with that country that will find it all right to carry guns to the degree we carry guns and also, after the shooting, when they think the president is trying to ban guns, people go out and buy guns. we need to psychologically evaluate ourselves as a country compared to other countries that do not have as many gun deaths as we do. guest: i want to reduce drug >> tomorrow on "washington dinan gets hisen officials swear in. lie on theina welik inauguration and donations. "washington journal" live on
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sunday at 7 a.m. eastern on c- span. coming up, "the communicators" talks about the consumers electronics show in las vegas. later, i look at the national day of service with chelsea clinton. >> this week, "the communicators" this is one of the biggest consumer electronics show in the world -- in las vegas. they look at technology, tv, and the policy issues that accompany them. >> gary shapiro, it?,?, give usa snapshot of ces 2013. >> it has been phenomenal. more innovation thanĂ·b ever. we a

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